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Features, Capabilities, and Services

Our Software Platform includes a comprehensive set of features, capabilities, and services that are the foundation for your work management solutions on SharePoint. We offer a breadth and flexibility that is unmatched in the SharePoint market. This gives you a significant advantage in that you can leverage one, integrated platform for many needs and solutions, and not have to settle for a mixed bag of software and off-the-shelf solutions.

Design Canvas - Use our Design Canvas to lay out the structure and navigation of your application. Drag and drop to create and place pages, tabs, buttons, and views.

Page Designer - No need to start from a blank page, just select a starter page and configure it…it’s that easy. Or, make a copy of an existing page and modify it to create a new page.

Report Designer – Build graphical reports in SharePoint using this simple, GUI-based designer. Create new reports, edit existing ones, or create new ones from existing ones…it’s so easy!

Dashboard Designer - Design dashboards using our visual, drag-and-drop tool. Select from various layouts, and literally drag reports onto the Designer and watch your dashboards come to life.

Custom Forms – Create your own custom forms with business logic and leverage your own HTML formatting. Set required fields, default values, make read-only, allow attachments, and even execute SharePoint workflows.

Business Rules - Using our Actions Framework, quickly and easily automate business processes to create ad-hoc workflows with timer-driven events, notifications, and reminders.

Integration - Integrate data from almost any external application or database. Use the data in your solutions, forms, and reports.