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Create New Applications

Create New Applications

By design, we don’t provide an off-the-shelf application for every purpose. But you can. You have the business knowledge – we provide you with the tools to efficiently transform that knowledge into a tool that helps get the work done.

Application Designer – the place to start

Application Designer is available to all CorasWorks customers.  This tool is used to create new applications at a fraction of the time and cost of custom development.  It provides you with a visual design canvas and a complete set of application configuration wizards to make it easy to design and build your own applications.

App Pack – showing you the way

Want it even easier.  Our App Pack, available to all CorasWorks customers, contains 6 pre-built work management applications that get you almost there.  Each application is purpose-built and ready to work.  They let you see how a finished app looks and works.  Examples are a Request Management app and a Recruiting app.  Each has a Design Canvas, which makes it easy for you to tweak the applications to meet new requirements or to use it as a framework to create a similar but different application.

Enabling developers to go much further

The CorasWorks platform comes with a number of powerful application services that enable developers to do advanced customization without custom compiled code.  Key services are:

  • CorasWorks Application Service – CAPS is a REST-like API providing a robust, client side development environment that leverages the extensive SharePoint object model
  • CorasWorks BCS support – natively integrating Microsoft Business Connectivity Services connections with CorasWorks displays, user interfaces, action framework, forms, and reports
  • Custom Form services – to customize the look and feel of your user forms
  • Remote Connection Services – providing user driven updates and automation

Need some extra hands

CorasWorks Professional Services is available to build applications for you when you need it or help you build your own.  Our staff has provided 100’s of work management applications of all types and sizes all powered by CorasWorks and running on Microsoft SharePoint.  You’ll also find lots of virtual hands (and videos) in the CorasWorks Customer Center.

Examples of Applications Built by GovCon Customers

Program Management - Many organizations want to manage the contracts/programs post-award. These applications are not classic project management. They are designed to provide users with the information they need about a program and to drive activity and engagement with delivery teams, partners, and customers.
Project Management - When it’s time to manage the details of projects, organizations turn to CorasWorks.  We provide an off-the-shelf solution for Project Management with robust task management, GANTT chart, risk, issue, expense, and cost tracking.  It includes configurable EVM charts, burn down charts, task boards, and, robust reporting on projects and portfolios of projects.  It might be all your organization needs, or, you are free to customize and enhance it to meet your needs.
Customer Portals – Either for specific contracts or program, our customers often create Customer Portals enabling interaction. Often, each Customer has their own Console where they see just the information you provide to them, such as CDRL reports, and, enable them to interact with you.
HR Recruiting Request Management – Organizations use CorasWorks for many HR processes. A common one is to make it easy to funnel requests for recruiting into a single application where they can be managed and tracked.
Processes for Finance and Administration – There are a host of applications in the F&A area that can be easily set up. Examples are time off requests, contract management, capital authorizations, B&P management, time management, budgeting.
Contract and Subcontract Management – Customers often find third-party contract management solutions far too expensive and cumbersome to be valuable. They turn to CorasWorks to create simpler and more effective point solutions to manage various aspects of contracts, contract and amendment processing and storage, and subcontract administration activities.
IT Application Service Delivery Management for SharePoint – How do you do more with less?  Using CorasWorks, organizations are learning to create new application service delivery capabilities that enable them to better serve their business customers at lower costs and in a far more supportable manner than the old ways of custom development, supporting a random set of SAAS applications, or, siloed proprietary systems.
Putting Knowledge at the Fingertips of Users – All of our customers use SharePoint. Many use it to centrally store knowledge such as Proposal Assets and CMMI Process Assets. They leverage CorasWorks to enhance these knowledge assets by enabling them to be made available to users when and where they are working. Our unique cross-connect capabilities allow users to see, contribute and act on information from across a SharePoint environment. The result is much greater re-use of assets.
Service Request Management – Contractors have many needs to manage service request processes, either from internal employees, suppliers, or customers. The classic application is a help desk. However, customers leverage our request management to address a very broad range of scenarios. Whenever, you have a situation where someone is requesting work and you want to capture, manage and track that work – look to CorasWorks.
Innovation Management – Many of our GovCon customers want to manage R&D innovation and not leave it to chance. Our larger customers often create solutions that collect ideas or needs and put them through a formal evaluation process followed by project execution. A simpler approach, one used by smaller customers, is our Task Board style to quickly capture Ideas and process them through a simple drag and drop User Interface.

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