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If you’re a developer and you want to extend or go beyond the feature set of the AppDesigner, there is the CorasWorks Application Service API (CAPS). CAPS is a REST-like interface that enables client-side web developers to build rich business applications on SharePoint that leverage a clean server-side service. Generally speaking, REST-like means the Service in question provides a common interface that exposes and defines the operations available within that Service. The design affords scalability as well as independence from any components that consume the data the Service surfaces.

CAPS is designed to make application architectures easier to design and maintain and also makes implementation faster by reducing, or even eliminating, the need for connecting modules (i.e., web parts) to create a solution. It gives you the ability to extend the Application Designer to build sophisticated features and solutions. It enables Web developers to use almost any client-side component and the tools they are already familiar with—jQuery, javascript, JSON, HTML, and XML—to design and build those features and solutions.

Even though CAPS is targeted to a developer, it’s not just SharePoint developers. Any web developer with knowledge of classic web development technologies and tools can leverage CAPS to build applications on SharePoint.