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CorasWorks Application Designer

CorasWorks Application Designer

The Application Designer is the cornerstone of our CorasWorks Software Platform v11. It serves as your gateway to powerful work management solutions on SharePoint. It’s a visual design tool that makes it easy to create applications in SharePoint using a drag-and-drop and point-and-click methodology.

The AppDesigner enables non-developers to create rich, interactive, and secure applications on SharePoint without any code. You can create every essential element of an application simply by using our drag-and-drop features and our point-and-click wizards. When you’re done, you have a fully functioning application that is easy to use, modify, and maintain.

Through the AppDesigner, you can access all the great features, capabilities, and services of the Platform, and do it in a way that’s intuitive, quick, and easy. It “wraps” all these great features into one visual design console.

The AppDesigner walks you through all the key elements of an application:

  • Content – Identify the SharePoint Lists or Libraries that are a part of your application.

  • Views – Define and build the views of those Lists and Libraries you need.

  • Forms – Create custom forms for entering, reading, and editing your data

  • Business Rules – Define notifications, timers, or other discreet actions that need to occur.

  • Security Trimming – Define roles and the security permissions for each of those roles.

  • Reporting – Create rich, drill-down reports, including tables, charts, and graphs.

  • Dashboards – Create interactive, drill-down dashboards for your application.

You don’t have to navigate all over SharePoint to accomplish all of the above. You do it all in one place. And, you don’t have to be a SharePoint developer to get it done.

6-pack of Apps

What's In the 6-Pack?

  • Expense Management
  • Help Desk
  • Job and Interview Management
  • Knowledge Base
  • Time Clock Management
  • Work Order Approval

To help you get familiar with the AppDesigner and the things you can do with it, we’ve created a 6-pack of Apps. These six apps were created using the AppDesigner are intended to serve as examples and starting points for apps you'll want to build with AppDesigner. These are all single-site apps that are easy to install and use. Once installed, you use them as-is, customize them with AppDesigner to meet your specific needs, or use them as examples for your own apps. However you use them, they're a tremendous learning tool and will help ensure your success with AppDesigner, CorasWorks, and SharePoint.