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Customer Solution: African Capacity Building Foundation
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African Capacity Building Foundation

Building Sustainable Human and Institutional Capacity for Poverty Reduction in Africa


  • In 2010, disbursed more than $32 million in grants to fund nearly 120 programs and projects in 40+ countries and regions in Africa.
  • Captured and managed all the data in SQL Server, but suffered from an inability to track, report on, and expose the data on the disbursements to key stakeholders.

Grant Portfolio Management and Reporting Solution

  • Leveraging the CorasWorks v11 Solution Platform, CorasWorks delivered a grant portfolio management and reporting solution on Microsoft SharePoint.
  • CorasWorks v11 is a next-generation solution platform that allows CorasWorks to deliver robust business applications on the SharePoint platform in less time, at less cost, and with less risk.

Solution Highlights

  • Under the guidance of the Executive Secretary Dr. Frannie Leautier and the Chief Finance Officer Aubrey Chalira Phiri, CoraWorks provided a solution that includes more than 22 different types and more than 100 different styles of interactive charts, graphs, and maps.
  • Includes custom data entry/edit forms that allow users to access and work with the data from the SharePoint UI.
  • Complete solution delivered by CorasWorks in 4 person-weeks.


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