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Engineering success is based on skilled people and teamwork that yields the next generation of products, processes, systems, and services.  Engineering management leaders are challenged by a range of work scenarios from small, focused project teams to globally distributed, cross-disciplinary activities.  They need to be able to balance and optimize structured work processes with collaborative innovation to yield industry-leading results.

Since 2003, CorasWorks has provided software and solutions to Engineering to address these Work Management challenges.  We provide a range of solutions that address the needs of many industries such as Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, High Tech, Telecommunications and Utilities. 

Federal Contractor Customers

The CorasWorks Advantage: By Design

CorasWorks believes in continuous improvement enabled by our software and powered by our customers.  We accomplish this through a distinctive, three-layered approach:

  • SharePoint - All CorasWorks solutions run on and within the Microsoft SharePoint content and collaboration infrastructure.  This industry-leading infrastructure provides a consistent foundation for your work.

  • CorasWorks Solution Platform - All solutions leverage the CorasWorks Solution Platform, now in version 11.  This industry-leading Work Management platform provides the software and the framework that is leveraged across all CorasWorks-based solutions. 

  • Solutions - Your business solutions run on top.  They may be off-the-shelf solutions created by CorasWorks, custom solutions delivered by CorasWorks or partners, or solutions that are built, enhanced, and extended by your organization. 

Our approach provides organizations with the ability to have optimized solutions in less time, cost, and risk, but as part of an overall systems design that is highly flexible and enables continuous innovation.


Key Solutions

Below are some of our key solution areas for Engineering.  They apply to different phases in the Engineering lifecycle, from Invention through Operations and everything in between.. 

Idea & Innovation Management
Engineering can be a driver of invention as well as a key participant in the process of bringing an innovation to life.  CorasWorks supports various types of idea and innovation management activities from collaborative working groups, to central capture and collaboration on ideas, to driving specific challenges to address key objectives, topics, or issues, or as a vehicle to vet ideas and approaches.  Our I&IM solutions blend the latest in social collaboration with the need for flexible structured processes to meet the distinctive innovation needs of organizations.

Case Study: Idea Challenge Management for Fortune 100 Defense Systems Integrator

Resource Planning and Demand Management
The management of your human resources is a key to success.  Our solutions in resource planning and allocation are often tied to your program and project demand management.  They provide the visibility, coordination, and structure to optimize the allocation of resources to drive engineering outcomes that support corporate objectives.

Case Study: Resource Planning for AMD

Project and Portfolio Management
When it comes to execution, engineering work is typically organized in projects.  We provide a comprehensive COTS system for Project and Portfolio Management. In addition, we support a variety of levels of project work ranging from less-structured project collaboration to “loosely coupled” systems that integrate project execution work that may be done using a variety of tools with centralized portfolio/program management.   The CorasWorks solution excels in the flexibility of deployment and the ability to be customized to meet specific needs.

Case Study: Program Management for the U.S. Army, RDECOM

Work Management Processes
Across the lifecycle of engineering work organizations require supporting applications for structured work management.  CorasWorks’ flexibility empowers organizations to create a broad range of work management applications that standardize work and integrate activities across engineering and with other departments.  Examples are Design and Work Standards, Equipment Management, Policy & Procedure Management, Training, HR Staffing, Patent & Trademark, Collaborative Knowledge Resources, Request Management, Requisitions and Administrative processes.

Case Study: Engineering Work Management Hub for Hitachi Automotive