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Case Study: Work Management-enabled Corporate Intranet


Customer: US Federal Government Contractor, revenues in excess of $250 million




As a startup in 2009, the organization’s strategy was to build through acquisitions and aggressive organic growth. A critical part of the strategy relied on its ability to create an IT infrastructure that would support rapid growth, integration of other companies, and the incremental addition of processes, systems, and services to support their work management needs as a Federal IT services contractor. In addition, it wanted to pursue a “one company” approach where systems, business units, and people from acquired companies would quickly become integrated as part of the new organization – they did not want standalone, legacy business systems and units.


The organization decided to pursue a “hub-and-spoke” enterprise systems design using SharePoint as the center (Hub) of the design. Surrounding it (Spokes) would be existing enterprise systems, such as Deltek CostPoint and Deltek GovWin CRM. This work environment would serve as their “intranet,” but would be much more interactive in that it allows users to not only see, but also contribute and act on information or processes across the environment, including SharePoint information and external enterprise systems.

The organization selected CorasWorks on SharePoint for their work environment. The decision was based on the flexibility of CorasWorks and the ability for non-developers to build, enhance, extend, and maintain the environment without requiring custom code development. The environment was created in a Private Cloud leveraging VMWare. The initial layout was by business functions and contracts/programs, with centralized resources and content management processes, such as CMMI policies and procedures, HR resources, Past Performance, and Resumes.

This base system was further extended leveraging CorasWorks to integrate with their existing external systems such as Deltek CostPoint, Deltek GovWin CRM and their Contract Management system.  The information and bi-directional work was put at the fingertips of users wherever they worked across the environment.


In 3 years, the organization has acquired and integrated four companies and grown its business to $250 million in revenue and more than 1,000 employees. Leveraging their “one company” work environment, it has been able to quickly and efficiently integrate the acquired organizations’ systems, business units, and people.

The efficiency of the new environment, has freed up IT time and resources to invest in supporting the business groups with systems for business development and delivering projects. Thus, over the last year, this organization has extended the environment to incorporate CorasWorks business solutions for Federal Contractors including Capture and Proposal Management, IDIQ Task Order Management and Partner Engagement.

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