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Case Study: IDIQ / GWAC Task Order Management Center


Customer: Fortune 25 and Top 10 Federal IT Contractor




In the last 10 years, use of IDIQ/GWAC vehicles for Federal contracting has dramatically grown. For this Top 10 Federal government contractor who provides IT services and solutions, IDIQ vehicles were becoming the standard for its business; yet, it had no comprehensive approach or system for driving business with IDIQs. Since the IDIQ-based business development had grown organically, the work was being performed in individual business groups with available desktop tools and email. There was no centralized process or system for the work. This resulted in many opportunities being lost or not even bid. There were no best practices, automation, or visibility into the various activities by the business groups.


Through an acquisition, the organization inherited a system based on CorasWorks on SharePoint that was being used to manage IDIQ contract and Task Orders. This system was being used to manage a high volume of task orders and had been expanded to incorporate additional IDIQs. It was adopted by the organization for use as its centralized IDIQ/GWAC Task Order Management System moving forward.

The system is designed as a portfolio of vehicles, providing a high degree of cross-vehicle visibility; yet, allowing each vehicle to be managed separately. It also includes formal stage-gate processes that track task orders and associated activity through the full lifecycle. Each IDIQ Task Order has its own workspace where individuals can post and share work with all stakeholders, including internal staff and external teaming partners. All work done on the task orders can be completed from the workspace and all stakeholders have access, visibility, and the ability to contribute. The system includes cross-vehicle processes, such as partner management, partner surveys, and opportunity management, as well as, support for shared information resources such as Past Performance and Vehicle Policies, Forms, and Procedures. The system provides comprehensive reporting across all vehicles and task orders.


The CorasWorks-based IDIQ/GWAC Management System currently manages 18 individual vehicles, including more than 5,000 task orders driving in excess of $800 million in new business. The system supports collaborative work with more than 200 teaming partners. As a result of the system, the organization now has a centralized system through which all IDIQ work is managed and tracked. This has significantly improved management visibility and improved efficiency in the bidding process. As the system is now centralized, the organization has developed processes to tactically drive opportunities into the correct vehicle to optimize its competitive positioning. This mastery of the capture of IDIQ/GWAC opportunities and systematic control of multiple vehicles has enabled the organization to set a new standard in business development effectiveness.

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