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CorasWorks PPM for SharePoint

Task Management

PPM has several key features for managing your tasks:


  • Create Tasks - Quickly create and assign new tasks with customizable forms.
  • Drag-and-Drop Task Management – Update status simply by dragging a task from one column to another.
  • Update Tasks - Easily update key characteristics of your tasks by popping open a simple form and adding or changing data and information.
  • Filtering – Apply filters to your tasks so you only see what you want to see...My Tasks, Overdue Tasks, Tasks Not Started, and more.

Project Management

Leverage the following modules when working on and managing individual projects:


  • Schedule Management – Keep projects on time. Assign, manage, and report on all tasks and subtasks associated with your projects and visualize those activities with our interactive Gantt charting.
  • Cost Management – Keep projects on budget. Keep financial tabs on all your projects, including level of effort and estimated v. actual costs.
  • Risk Management – Don’t let risks and issues derail your project. Our Risk Management module allows you to identify, assess, and track any risks or issues.
  • Meeting Management – Every project has meetings. Use this module to manage those meetings and the action items and documents associated with them.
  • Document Management – Every project has documents associated with it. This module gives you a place to manage all those documents, including your project deliverables, meeting agendas, document templates, and more.
  • Resource Utilization – Keep an eye on personnel and meeting space usage for your projects. See how resources are allocated project-wide with color-coded resource charts.


Manage individual projects as part of a larger portfolio of multiple projects:


  • Track Information from Multiple Projects – Roll up and summarize key metrics from across all projects, including task status, costs, tasks, and meetings.
  • Work Across Multiple Projects – Access and work with information from any of the portfolio projects from the portfolio site and dashboards.
  • My Work – Instead of having to navigate to every individual project to find your work, access all your tasks, deliverables, and issues/risks from the portfolio site.
  • Create Multiple Portfolios – You probably have multiple portfolios or "groups" of projects. Create multiple portfolios to slice and dice your projects to meet your specific needs.
  • Flexibility – Don’t be hamstrung by your physical SharePoint architecture. Create your portfolios anywhere within your SharePoint environment and pull information from any project.
  • Resource Utilization – Monitor personnel and meeting space resources across all your portfolios and programs: see a visual representation of how resources are allocated with color-coded resource charts.


Ensure that you know what projects you’re working on and that you have invested in the right projects.


  • Project Proposals – Submit proposals for all projects to ensure you select and invest in the right projects.
  • Structured Proposal Review Process – Provide a structured process for reviewing and selecting your projects. Define your specific process and include notifications and reports to keep all informed on status and activity.
  • Master Project List – Maintain a master list of all the projects that have been submitted and all those that have been approved.
  • Project Status – Get reports on the status of all your projects, including project state, manager, and start date.
  • Project Access – Access any of the projects from the PMO. Drill down to specific projects for more information.
  • Multiple PMOs – If your organization needs them, create multiple PMOs for each department, group, or division.

Social PPM

With PPM, you can create communities to post and share information regarding a specific project, portfolio, or PMO. The Social PPM module allows you to:


  • Build Multiple Communities – You can now integrate communities in each major component of PPM. Communities can be built across projects, programs, portfolios, or across your entire PPM solution.
  • Shape Projects, Portfolios, and Programs through Ideas and Comments – Post ideas and comments in the community, and shape projects through features like rich text posting, the ability to upload documentation, and comments on posts.
  • Star Power Ratings - Community members can rate posts with a simple star rating system, which allows posts to gain visibility within the community.

Resource Allocation

This valuable module allows you to track and request project resources. Resource Allocation Management allows you to:


  • Monitor Resources Through Resource Charts – See a graphical representation of how resources are being used across projects within a timeline with resource charts. You're always within just a couple of clicks of an at-a-glance overview of both personnel and meeting space resources with a color-coded representation of necessary project components. Get exactly the view you need of project resources with the ability to filter graph results by resource type and date range.
  • Add Individuals To Your Projects – Use a resource allocation form to request the addition of specific individuals to your projects. Request details include the project role, project dates, and percentage of that individual's time requested.
  • Add Specific Skills To Your Projects – Use the Request Skill feature of Resource Allocation Management if you are looking for certain skills to fufill certain roles within your project. With this form, you can choose a skill necessary for a project, the dates that participation is required from that particular role, and the percentage that individual's time will be required, and request that skill from a central resource pool.


Not everyone has the same requirements or needs, so we’ve built PPM to be very flexible and versatile.


  • Integration with Microsoft Project – Integrate with the desk-top version of MS Project so your project managers can still plan and track in Project but share project plans through PPM.
  • Access through any Mobile Device – Access KPIs and work on your projects from any mobile device, including your iPhone, Blackberry, Android, or Windows Mobile.
  • Customize processes - Customize or add new processes to map to the way you work.
  • Notifications and Workflow - Add or modify notifications, document approval workflow, process workflows, and downstream activities.
  • Integration with other SharePoint sites/apps - Integrates with existing SharePoint sites and applications.
  • Integration with External Data Sources - Supports integration of external sources, such as enterprise apps, databases, or cloud services.