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CorasWorks Portfolio Management

Driving Proactive Decisions through Improved Visibility



  • Make Better Decisions: Base decisions on real-time data from across the portfolio.
  • Manage Proactively: See and prevent problems or issues before they arise.
  • Share the Wealth: Each business manager can have their own unique portfolio.
Portfolio Overview
Resource Utilization
Risk Management

Life would be so easy if you only had one project to worry about. Unfortunately, that is very rarely the case. Most organizations have numerous projects going on at the same time that are typically competing for valuable—and sometimes scarce—resources. You need a way to monitor and manage those projects collectively, in addition to individually.

The CorasWorks Portfolio Management solution for SharePoint does just that. It allows you to take a collective view of those projects and manage them holistically as a portfolio. Our software allows you to see all the projects together - with consistent KPIs, data, and reports. As a result, it’s much easier to manage your resources, make better decisions, and manage proactively.



  • Make better decisions based on consolidated data, KPIs, and reporting
  • Optimize valuable project resources
  • Reduce project risk by identifying and mitigating problems before they occur
  • Benchmark individual project performance against the portfolio
  • Better justify and communicate decisions


  • View and act on task assignments across multiple projects
  • Forecast and allocate valuable resources
  • Assess and mitigate risks and exposures
  • Report on Schedules, Tasks, Expenses, Risks, Issues, and Resource Utilization
  • Analyze estimates versus actuals
  • Gain immediate information through project KPIs
  • Drill down into Project Details or take action right from the Program or Portfolio 
  • Establish dedicated community for Portfolio Managers
  • Add Portfolios or Programs as you need them—no limitations
  • Include Projects in one or more Portfolio or Program

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The CorasWorks Portfolio Management Solution is powered by CorasWorks PPM for SharePoint.  Also, check out our other project-related solutions:

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