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CorasWorks Project Management Office (PMO) 

Leveraging Standardization and Process to Ensure Project Success


  • Select the Right Projects: Project initiation process ensures projects are aligned with business objectives.
  • Standardize: Our software includes standardized processes, data collection, KPIs, and reporting to facilitate the review and decision-making process.
  • Oversee Active Projects and Portfolios: Know the sponsors, managers, departments, and overall status.
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In a tight economy with dwindling resources, you can’t afford to invest in the wrong things. Making bad project choices - or making no choices at all - focuses you on the wrong things and ends up costing the organization money. Doing everything may make everyone happy, but it typically results in poor management, poor focus, and poor project results.

The CorasWorks Project Management Office (PMO) for SharePoint helps you evaluate and select the right projects. It provides visibility into the demand management process so you can determine which projects best align with business objectives and require investment. Standardized processes, data collection, KPIs, and reporting then ensure that those projects are monitored and managed throughout the full project life cycle.



  • Ensure that all projects are aligned with corporate strategy and business objectives
  • Improve and standardize demand management
  • Speed and standardize the project initiation process
  • Ensure better review and management and reduce cycle time with standardized processes, data collection, KPIs, terminology, and reporting
  • Improve communication and visibility during the demand management process and during the project lifecycle



  • Standardized process for demand management customized to your specific organization
  • Submit, review, and approve project proposals
  • Govern the full project lifecycle from proposal through completion
  • Define your PMO processes against industry standards or your own standards
  • Multiple PMOs - One Enterprise PMO and multiple Departmental PMOs
  • Track, manage, and discover Portfolios, Programs, and Projects
  • Facilitate communication between executives, sponsors, project managers, and business unit managers
  • Collaborate in a dedicated PMO community

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The CorasWorks Project Management Office Solution is powered by CorasWorks PPM for SharePoint.  Also, check out our other project-related solutions:

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